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“everyone's favourite seaside art destination” 
Andrew Lambirth The Spectator

The Wills Lane Gallery, St. Ives was relaunched in 2007 to show fine and applied art by established and up and coming artists from around the country. Whether you want a small memento to take home after your holiday or advice about starting or adding to your collection – this is the place. In fact, it is the place described by the art critic Andrew Lambirth in The Spectator as “everyone’s favourite seaside art destination.” Collectors, holiday makers and art students are all welcome.



A film about the Wills Lane Gallery, St. Ives by Senara Wilson Hodges includes the recent Stephen Chambers exhibition.

The Gallery

Since 2007 seven artworks have been sold to public collections: Crafts Council, Manchester Metropolitan University, Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums, Iron Bridge Gorge Museum Trust (through the Art Fund Collect scheme) and to corporate collections.

The gallery’s exhibition changes as works are sold and new works come in. From time to time there are solo exhibitions.
Click the medium to view the artists’ work: paintings, drawings, watercolours, prints, photographic work, sculpture, metalwork, ceramics, glass, weaving and jewellery.


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Happy Christmas and New Year

Don’t miss the New Year’s Day party in the gallery  
January 1st 12.30 – 3.30 pm
Festive Food and Drink

Gallery closed over Christmas:
December 23rd - 26th inclusive

New Hang for the New Year
Maggi Hambling’s exhibition Walls of Water at the National Gallery, London is on until February 15th 2015. Come and see the Maggi Hambling paintings hanging in the Wills Lane Gallery

New Nicola Bealing paintings and works on paper


Pool 2012-14 Oil on linen 155 x 153 cm


Infested Carpet (Blue) 2014 Oil on linen 152 x 121 cm


Paddling 2014 Ink on paper  40 x 30 cm

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Also showing Michael Porter

A group of 3 works from his Death of Nature series


Death of Nature  L 24-09-12  R 25-04-13 Acrylic and oil on paper
Each panel 40.5 x 39 cm


Death of Nature  L 25-04-12  R 29-04-13 Acrylic and oil on paper
Each panel  40.5 x 39 cm


Death of Nature  L 01-05-14  R 27-12-10 Acrylic and oil on paper
Each panel 40.5 x 39 cm

Also paintings by Stephen Chambers, Nicola Bealing and Louise McClary, aquatints by Sheila Oliner, screenprints by Stephen Chambers, pencil drawings by Rebecca Oliner, tapestries by Marta Rogoyska, ceramics by Janice Tchalenko, Aneta Regel, Clementina van der Walt, porcelain tableware by Mick Arnold, photographic work by Susan Derges and Ander Gunn, metalwork by Drummond Masterton, glass by Tavs Jorgensen and James Lethbridge, Woodwork by Anthony Bryant and Gary Allson

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Also Anthony Bryant wooden vessels 


Also Currently Showing 
New work by a variety of artists

Ceramics: Janice Tchalenko Bowls, Nicola Tassie Jugs, Clementina van der Walt Plates, bowls, beakers and vase and Mick Arnold’s porcelain tableware including small plates, dinner plates, beakers, bowls, cups, jam pots, Aneta Regel sculptural ceramics made from stoneware clay and volcanic rocks.


Mick Arnold porcelain tableware

Jewellery: Sarah Drew’s necklaces made from recycled objects found on the beach, Kelvin Birk’s silver and gold rings, necklaces and bangles, Melanie Georgacopoulos earrings, necklaces and pendants, Marlene McKibbin acrylic and stainless steel rings, earrings, necklaces and broaches.


Sarah Drew necklace

Woodwork by Gary Allson, Metalwork by Drummond Masterton, Glass bowls by Tavs Jørgensen.

Irene Lees drawings, Sheila Oliner original prints, Rebecca Oliner’s pencil drawings, Stephen Chambers' prints and paintings, Michael Porter's paintings, Marta Rogoyska weaving  and Ismini Samanidou, weaving.


Ismini Samanidou Cloud 5 2013 Cotton, silk and metallic thread woven on a digital jacquard loom

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Previous exhibition: 
Michael Porter at Wills Lane Gallery  
Perception and Illusion: new paintings, 
works on paper and photographic studies  

A new film about our Michael Porter exhibition by Senara Wilson Hodges

Porter uses the ground of the coastline around where he lives as inspiration for his recent paintings and photographic work. Reinterpreting, and sometimes subtly intervening in the landscape, these new works challenge our expectations.

Click here to download the catalogue.
Click here to view all the work in the exhibition.


Sea Shore Series 29-06-14 Gouache, acrylic and oil on paper on canvas
120 x 110 cm


Cornish Stones Series 29.05.14 Acrylic and oil on paper 42 x 39 cm

Porter is currently in Connecticut, USA where he is artist in residence in the woodlands of the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation.

Michael Porter's work was included in the Royal West of England Academy’s “Power of the Sea” exhibition 5 April – 6 July 2014 featuring internationally known contemporary artists alongside historical works from national art collections.

Born in Derbyshire in 1948 he attended Chelsea College of Art and in 1997 moved to Cornwall. In 1982/3 he was the artist in residence at the National Gallery, London; 2005 first prize, Royal West of England Open, Bristol; 2007 Honorary Fellow of University College, Falmouth.

Michael Porter at Wills Lane Gallery
Perception and Illusion: new paintings,
works on paper and photographic studies

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Beside the Path 01-07-14 Acrylic and oil on paper 43 x 39 cm


Cornish stones series 22-06-14 Acrylic and oil on paper 43 x 39 cm

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